Under 17s Kitted

Under 17s Kitted

This is where the game becomes real for the players

The U17 team get to kit up with pads and lids and take part in full contact. They are taught how to tackle safely using BAFA and USA football endorsed training schemes and are gradually introduced into the full contact game. This is where those that have been with the team for a few years see their basics skills training paying off and their understanding of the playbook ensures for a good game. But also for new players it won't take too long to catch up

This age group will not only take part in SEYAF (South East Youth American Football) tournaments but also entering League run competitions playing against clubs that are further afield.

As the older players in the group quite often you will see the Offence and Defence Captains Leading the whole Youth Team in warm ups under the watchful eyes of the coaches. This Helps with team bonding and the U17's can often be seen offereing encouragment to the younger players both at training and tournaments this is something the club actively encourages as there is nothing like the feeling of an older player or team mate congratulating you or cheering you on.

This is where the costs can start as they will need to have pads and lids, although the club does have a limited number of these that we can loaned out to players. But like all younger age groups they will need suitable footwear, gum shield, gloves and plenty of water.

Again no experience is needed to join this age group although you may initially be with the u14 to learn the basic skills required to play kitted football but as soon as coaches are confident you know what you need to to keep you safe then you will progress onto the kitted team.

as in the other age groups you will have 3 free training sessions to start this could be the sport for you why not start with the Phoenix Football family.