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Under 17s Kitted

Pink/Black Shirts

The U17 team play Kitted contact 5vs5 American Football.

Once players have displayed competence in tackling and blocking skills they are put forward to participate in BAFA National League competition as part of our Joint U17 Kitted team formed alongside our friends at Hellingly Hound Dogs.

We use BAFA and USA football endorsed training schemes and ensure players have the confidence and ability to be gradually introduced into the full contact game. 

Players who have progressed from younger age groups will start to see their skills development paying off as they quickly find themselves comfortable within this age group.

This age group also take part in locally organised tournaments and events to help us develop and assess their skill levels. Our priority os to ensure players are capable and happy playing contact football. At all times we will ensure they do not play at a level higher than their ability allows, player development and safety is our utmost priority.

As the older players in the group quite often you will see the Offence and Defence Captains Leading the whole Youth Team in warm ups under the watchful eyes of the coaches. This Helps with team bonding and the U17's can often be seen offering encouragement to the younger players both at training and tournaments this is something the club actively encourages as there is nothing like the feeling of an older player or team mate congratulating you or cheering you on.

Players will need to have full equipment at this level, Shoulder pads and helmets can be loaned by the club, players will be expected to purchase their own lower pads and pants. As with the younger age groups they will need suitable footwear, gum shield, gloves and plenty of water.

No experience is needed to join this age group although you may initially start your training with the U14 group to learn the basic skills required to play kitted football. As soon as you and our coaches are confident you know what you need to to keep you safe then you will progress onto the kitted team.

Players from this group have moved on from the club. 2 represented GB at U19 level, many have

moved on to play at University level and some have returned to help coach our current teams.