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Under 14 Development

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The U14 Flag Team is where our players start to really focus on the skills required to play Kitted American Football. Building on those skills that they have learnt at Cadet level they begin to find positions they feel suited and comfortable in. However there is still plenty of learning to be done and players may find they try several positions before they find the one they are most happy to play.

Players progress through our structured Development program and will still play Flag games. However this group is where we begin to introduce skills and techniques required to play contact football. Players aged 12 will do this without kit but those turning 13 will, should player, parent and coaches be happy begin to work in pads and helmets. Contact is limited and this is still very much a fundamental development stage.

Players start to work from more detail playbooks which are integral to the sport. The formations, adjustments and plays must be studied as knowing them will help a player to be ready come gametime.

Like the cadet team the players can show off their skills and development as they take part in locally organised tournaments and events. Although the scores are more important to this age group the aim of the tournaments is still on fun and what the player can learn from the experience.

We are starting to move towards Kitted Football and therefore some additional equipment will be needed. The club can provide Helmets and Shoulder pads but players in this age group will be expected to purchase lower pads and pants. If you have any questions our Coaches and Staff will be happy to advise on what you will need and when.

No experience is needed to come along and join the sport........ all are could be the sport that you are looking for.

You can have 3 free trial sessions so what are you waiting for come along and joing the rising Kent Phoenix.

From this image, all 6 are still playing American Football. 

2 have attended the NFL Academy and 1 has been selected to the GB Training squad.