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News - The Phoenix Nest

News - The Phoenix Nest

Alumni News

Posted on 21 November, 2018 at 0:35

Being part of the Phoenix is more than just about playing with us, we are just a small part of what we hope will be a much longer involvement within the sport. As such we hope that the time spent with us enables players to progress and be successful at higher levels.

This year is the first year we have seen players move on from us and this year 4 of our players are part of University Football. Not to mention of course the current GB U19 squad players.

During the course of this season and beyond we hope to bring you news on these players and hope that they can provide positive inspiration for our current players and demonstrate that there are pathways for them to follow. We will always welcome our Alumni back to speak to and work with our youngsters and they will forever be a part of the Phoenix family.

This past weekend Phoenix Alumni Ed Beazleigh (#44) started his first game with the University Of Lincoln Colonials as they faced the Chester Legion in a BUCS Division 2A clash. The Colonials ran out impressive 39-0 winners and we are delighted to report that Ed put up some very impressive stats. Playing at his favoured Running Back position Ed carried the ball 8 times for a very impressive 90 yards and a Touchdown, this resulted in an average 11.25 yards per carry.

Unfortunately Ed was sidelined with a minor injury which meant he could not break the 100 yard barrier in his first game he has set down a marker for the next game.

It is fantastic to have seen our players past and present continuing to develop their skills and progress within the sport and we look forward to bringing you many more updates in the future.


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